By Emilio, on Oct 20, 2012

When former(?) Brown Beret, Watsonville Mayor and City Council Member Luis Alejo was elected to the Assembly back in 2010 he decided that he wanted to vote for his replacement on the city council. It was around the same time that he wanted to rename the City Park Plaza after United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta which also cost taxpayers money but that is another story.



Although there was little if any threat that the voting block of 5 on our city council would be in jeopardy, Alejo demanded that he choose his own replacement, Oscar Rios. Why? Could it be Napoleonic syndrome? So we filed a lawsuit against the city for allowing Alejo to help decide who should be the next city council member because we believe that was not the intent of our City Charter. We lost but filed an appeal which is currently pending. This past week after making a public records request, City Clerk Beatriz Flores confirmed that the city has spent $133,179.96 in legal fees to date on this case just so Assembly Member Luis Alejo could satisfy his ego? Horale!??!


Here we couldn’t afford Christmas lights for our city’s kids, planters and flowers in front main street businesses because we couldn’t afford the water, and can’t afford a gum removing machine to keep our sidewalks clean but a seemingly selfish Alejo in essence tells our city’s children and citizens to kiss his big brown behind? Remember this is the same guy who went out and bought the most expensive vehicle of all incoming freshmen Assembly Members when he first got elected. Ah…the unsophisticated Nuevo rich? Hey, maybe Alejo should talk to his TV daddy George Ow Lobbyist Elias Alonzo who recently wrote a Letter To The Editor in the Register Pajaronian that if Mitt Romney wins only the rich will get richer…..hey Luis, Elias owns two more houses than you do…well as of today…maybe Mr. Ow will purchase you a home for your wedding gift because he is rich and getting richer? And, you can move out of 21 B Carr St? I mean if you really live there.

City Attorney Alan Smith, who sat in the courtroom next to Assembly Member Luis Alejo when the matter was first heard, seems to be doing pretty well these past five years.  The city has paid Smith and his law firm Dewy, Cheetham, & Howe…Kidding!...His law firm is Grunsky, Ebey, Farrar, & Howell….almost 1.2 million dollars in legal fees since 2007. The city has been paying Smith over $225,000 a year for what? I don’t know of a case that City Attorney Smith has litigated in the past five years. I think the only time attorney Smith has been in a court room in the past five years was as a spectator. Geez, Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) looks like he spent more time in a court room than Smith. Farming out cases to other law firms is what City Attorney Smith basically does then charges the city for managing those law firms, doubling our city’s legal fees? Now if Smith can’t litigate a case how can he charge us to manage law firms that do know how to litigate? Moxymoron? (a new word).

So why does the city continue to pay City Attorney Smith an hourly wage when the simple solution is to compensate our city attorney a salary? Even the City Charter states that the city attorney should be compensated on a salary basis. When did we change the City Charter?

Since City Attorney Smith is basically farming out cases, instead of the title “City Attorney” we should maybe change it to “City Farmer” Alan Smith. Besides, you know how some dairy farms smell…and milking the system comes to mind.



Where does Luis Alejo live? With his "daddy"? 

Why do taxpayers have to pay for for something this stupid. It's really bad that the city manager would approve this huge sum to spend on something that wasn't necessary but not have funds for the christmas lights. Very bad,Mr. Palacios. It's like spending money for a political cause (Palacios wanted to have a majority of yes men on the city council so his personal agenda always gets passed).

Now it's the norm for a council member to leave before their term is up, appoint a person of their choice so that they have time on the council before next election and that way they are more favored to win the election. Very crooked, but then Watsonville city hall IS crooked. Well, we voters just won't vote for any tax increases. I know they are raising our taxes by jacking up our water rates again even before the last rate hike has been completed. My rates have gone up from $74.00 every two months to 64 for one month and that doesn't include the next hike they are jerking us around with. Retired seniors on fixed incomes can't take all the rate hikes. Well, we just won't vote for any school tax hikes and the kids will suffer since we have to suffer with this city management.

When he ran for city council, he actually lived in Salinas, not Watsonville. It is in the record and was in the record when he had a PO box. He listed that address as his address when he got his box.

Luis is a big fat liar.

How sad must we all be, Mr. Martinez is asking for help and we all turn the other cheek. We all live in a free society because of those who came before us. Stand up and take notice of what has been presented before you, from a strong man who has been intimitated against. The City of Watsonville treated a loyal employee, Miss Annette Balwin about as bad as one could get treated. She received a cash settlement. Mr. Palacios refused to comment on the issue, but he has stated I have been sued before sue me again. Easy to say when it is not your money. We need to come together and make this wonderful city as nice as it used to be. Love your neighbor, politics need to go somewhere else.

thank you for your comment...and please accept my aplogies for the delay in my response...will look into the case.


831 761-2617

I remember how nice our town was before the strike and how bad it was after Rios and his ilk came here. We will continue to vote NO on all new tax increases. We can't pay for more water and garbage raises and the school tax, so the school tax will not be voted in. Every one I know is voting NO on L.

Tamy Ruiz - Congratulations Gina you are a beautiful bride. The day was pirtcue perfect and the heavens were smiling down and made sure it was all perfect. May you and your husband have many many years of happiness !!!

Looks like 21-B Carr Street is a half way house for our local politicians. It would be interesting to know just who owns it. The Legal Aid is using the front of the building so do they own the digs in back? Who is the rent paid to and what amount is charged? Nasty way to do politics but guess that is how these people play the game around here.

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