By Emilio, on Apr 25, 2012

Lalala..I Can’t Hear You…Lalala…Who Cares What You Have To Say?

It was about as ugly as it can get at a city council meeting last night and although the issue at hand was about a community garden, the meat of the matter was the conduct of some of our city council members who treated attending members of the public in a condescending manner. It was obvious that they could care less what the residents of Sea View Ranch had to say and it was also obvious how four city council members were going to vote.  

Council Member Lowell Hurst, who in my opinion likes to hear himself talk, seemed at times incoherent and infuriated people with his lecture. I once had a teacher like Hurst. He only listened to himself and thought we were impressed with his wit when we actually agonized attending his forty five minute class. I remember thinking that he probably recorded himself asleep at night so he could hear himself snore he liked hearing himself so much.

Mayor Eduardo Montesino’s comments ended with an incensed Sea View Ranch resident shouting that Montesino was just a bus driver who was losing his home to foreclosure, indicating our mayor had no business being a mayor. This prompted City Manager Carlos Palacios wanting to call the police according to a city council member. Yea, Carlos, shut them up like you attempted and still attempt to do with me. Talk about a “Malicious Bully”, except city manager Palacios seems to lack fortitude.

I went down to talk to the upset people attempting to calm them down and one lady said, “This city is corrupt”. Another talked about a recall.

Recall? Well, three of the four city council members who voted for the garden last night, Lowell Hurst, Oscar Rios, and Felipe Hernandez were appointed by the city council instead of being elected. Do you see the obvious? It is election year and maybe the public is riled enough this time to do something about it other than just sit at home and gripe….but then what do I know? 

Can District residents recall their city council person if that person was appointed instead of elected? How many signatures are required?

I am concerned that being a Mayor ( Mr. E. Montesino)  is a very time consuming and how does that corelate to being a bus driver ( that is a fine and honorable job).

I think bus drivers like all professional drivers need to have only so many hours a day or week that they work. It seems that working for the city as mayor is work. I assume he draws a salary from it. As he is also involved in his local union is that also not a conflict of interest? I think you can belong to a union but if you sit on any boards or hold any job title with the union you can not also hold a city seat.

I have no problem with the driving of a bus, but not if he is too tired to drive safely. And the conflict of interest is huge with the union. Also since his name is still on the home in Seaview Ranch he should have recused himself from the vote.

And yes maybe Watsonville will finaly get mad enough to vote.

Isn't the reason we have district representation so that our district can have a voice in the proceedings?   What happened to voting for your constituents?   Seems to me that the we in Sea View do not have any voice!!  Ah, well, thats what you get when you have crony politics....

Looks like nothing has changed at City Hall. Carlos being afraid of his own shadow. Letting the Council talk down to the citizens. What kind of government is this? They should all be ashamed, because I'm ashamed to have such idiots running the govenment of our City. The first re-call should be that of Carlos Palacios. He does nothing but run this City into the ground. He's like a little mouse (in wolves clothing). Did you ever notice that he doesn't have the guts to speak up??...only behind your back, through others. Let someone else do your dirty work. Look around this town and you can really see that there is nothing being done for the betterment of Watsonville.


It never gets old Emilio. The Council not listening to the residents doesn't surprise me at all. Why listen they're going to do what the want to do anyway. It's ridiculous how they treat people and get away with it.

Do you think montesino is taking the same road that alejo, bersamin, dodge, and rivas took when showing their rude and disrespectful manners to the audience? Seems they all need to take some classes on proper deportment when serving the public. They are just lucky that the audience is not like their supporters who jam the room and shout and bang the walls and tote the protest placards. No decorum in their manners. What a travesty.

Mr. E. Montesino apparently does not represent his district. If he did he would have done what the people in his district wanted.

Thank you Emilio for trying.. you and Nancy.

I am not positive but wasn't Ramsey Park deeded to the city for Youth Baseball? Please correct me if I am wrong

I thank you Mr Martinez for your fairness during yesterday's antics. This was the first City Council meeting I have attended in my twenty years in Santa Cruz County. I was embarrassed. Horrified. These are my leaders? For shame, Mr Mayor, that while reading a plaque given to the poet...that you could NOT pronounce or read the word "literacy". That was the first clue that you are indeed undereducated. When Oscar Rios grandstanded about how I would not be living there in Seaview Ranch if it wasn't for him, I saw red. No, I suppose I would not be living in Seaview Ranch if it wasn't there....maybe I would be living somewhere else, still being a productive member of the Watsonville Community. MOST of those houses in Seaview Ranch are underwater. Their values have dropped through the floor- yet we stay, and we want it to be a nice community for us and for our children. I understand that we need to only have two minutes to speak in order to let everyone speak, but for Mr Rios, Mr Hurst, and Mr Montesino to belittle the group in that way was despicable.

You can be sure, Mr Martinez, that when time comes to vote, I will ACTIVELY campaign against these people and anyone they support. We at Seaview Ranch are a pretty large group, and we have the time and ability to make sure those apointees do not get elected.


The title couldn't be any more perfect to define our Council Members.  I love it!!  I am absolutely outraged with their decision.  The Council Members are there to listen to the community, but most of all respect the community they live in.  We need to cherish our Wetlands that's part of what makes this town so beautiful.  People come from all over to see the birds that perish there.   The Wetlands provide homes to endangered and native animals.  That's what's so wonderful about it.  Putting a community garden is just going to add a lot of foot traffic and damage to this land.  This is going to cause more damage than good.

I wasn't at the city hall meeting, however I understand the residents displeasure over a community garden in their neighborhood. Parking is bad due to more than one family living in each house. Allowing a garden so near the slough and the issues with trash and pollution are also issues. The city council doesn't listen to voters. When you hold open council meetings, you are expected to conduct yourselves properly and set an example. The current council members with the exception of a few is unable to do this.


Voting for Mr. Corley might be a step in the right direction to replacing mayor montesino. 

You've got that right, unforunately, Felipe Hernandez has the Alejo "political machine" behind him.

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