By Emilio, on Apr 11, 2012

Considering the countless amounts of Proclamations given out by the city, I believe that consideration should be given to awarding a Proclamation to the Pilots Association and the Friends of Buena Vista.

Just recently it was reported that Stockton is considered “The foreclosure capital of the world”. Apparently Stockton went on a house building rampage which has now caught up with them and has them on the brink of bankruptcy.

We can thank the pilots and their friends for suing the city for attempting to build houses near the edge of our Airport’s runways. Granted it cost taxpayers around 1.2 million dollars in legal fees alone to prevent housing from being fabricated which probably would be sitting empty right now costing the city in the hundreds of thousands of dollars just to maintain the infrastructure.

The Proclamation can read and looks like this:

“Thank You for Saving the City of Watsonville from Going Bankrupt. We will be forever grateful. Also included with this award are monthly checks for airplane rental allowances for each and every one of you until we go broke. So, enjoy your 6 months of checks if that much.”


And, Stockton is also being criticized for having the 8th highest unemployment rate in the state which is at 15.9%? Hey guys look over here…Watsonville’s unemployment rate is almost double that at 27.5%.

Yep, we can thank the Pilots for saving our financial behinds because you can imagine where we would be right now. Well, ok….things are not looking too good right now for Watsonbell.  

Have some you also noticed that nothing is being said about building on Atkinson Lane either? How much money did the city spend for all the studies, meetings etc. and now nada?  


Why would a city of 51,000 people (Watsonville) need two aerial ladder KME fire trucks? Santa Cruz has one aerial ladder truck, which it recently purchased brand new with a $600,000.00 plus grant. But, Santa Cruz has many more multiple story structures than Watsonville.   

San Mateo, for example, with an approximate population of 100,000 and is one of the largest suburbs on the San Francisco peninsula, has one 100 foot aerial, but Watsonville needs two?

Why did Watsonville purchase an additional older KME aerial with a multitude of mechanical problems? Considering that the city didn’t officially and actually purchase the aerial for almost 3 years after issuing a federally funded check for $225,000.00, a reasonable and prudent person would probably ask themselves, “Was there ever an intent to actually purchase the aerial?” Thus, let’s consider the possibility that the intent was not to purchase the 1999 KME fire truck but rather that the $225,000.00 was to be funneled back into the General Fun-d so the city could balance their budget year after year. It is a reasonable and prudent possibility isn’t it? We can prudently surmise that for 2 years and 8 months taxpayers and some council members have no idea in whose bank account the $225,000.00 sat, do we?

Consider another question; why didn’t Watsonville trade-in their other KME aerial, for let’s say $225,000, and then took the $225,000 federally funded grant money and purchased a used but much newer aerial for $500,000.00 with a warranty? Isn’t it better to have one good operating fire truck than none? Don’t you think something smells fishy?

Now, according to rumors and rumblings, I hear that the 1999 KME fire truck #4471 is still not safe to operate although City Manager Palacios and Fire Chief Mark Bisbee may have given it the blessing to put it into service.   I hope that we’re not talking a leg-raised type sprinkling on the tires as a blessing.

But, I wonder if we may have a solution because we could have a “Parts is parts” win-win situation. What if we dismantle the KME (#4491) we just purchased and explain to the IRS that when we bought it, we only tested the horn and the stereo and reported back that the fire truck was in “excellent condition”? What do you mean an appraisal?  You mean have it appraised for the proper tax credit? I don’t think it was appraised before we purchased it, so we need to appraise it now?g

 But, what about the fact that when we issued the $225,000 check, it was for a different fire truck?      

Are you confused? Well maybe that is how you are supposed to be when it comes to how your tax dollars are being spent…confused.  

I'm confused and have only lived in Watsonville for I can't remember how many years. It seems like a long time. I think I moved into Watsonville when the city had a Dick Bruans. I still remember shopping there. You can't find a tie in Watsonville today. I don't wear ties anymore. I see some people with ties. I guess they go shop in Aptos.

Emilio:  Forgive me for being crude, but if you took the first letter from "Firetruck" and a few from the end, you might have a descriptive Anglo-Saxon term for what the Watsonville city hall brain trust has given you, the taxpayers, for the fiscal shoveling of your bucks.

Oh Mr. Bankhead! You are a naughty one! But don't you all just get so confused with the way the city does its business? Do you think maybe the 'transparency' is really happening? I mean it is obvious that all the city's business is being conducted right before our very eyes and we just know that it is transparently cockeyed. You can figure if we are told it is being done properly, then we know it is wrong. The little group running the city business sure doesn't show any real business acumen. Maybe night classes - oops they work nights at city hall. Maybe some day classes at our local Cabrillo College might help them to better understand the importance of financial business and reading their board packets to understand what they are supposed to be voting on and what decisions they should make for the betterment of the city. Then again I'm just a citizen with no voice or so it seems.

Steve, thank you for the very informative description of how I sometimes feel during many a city council meetings when council members Daniel Dodge and Lowell Hurst use the one thing on their head, their mouths, instead of the 4 of the foremost tools...ears and eyes. But, then what can I expect with their history?


It just shows us how clueless  and fiscally unresponsible our city management is. They are getting us in another financial mess with the Ow and Sakata property plans. The problem is that how to get rid of the city management that is making all these wrong and expensive decistions?



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