By Emilio, on Apr 12, 2011


The Sentinel’s April 12th story by Donna Jones about the Watsonville AWOL fire truck is partially factual. She failed to mention one very important thing.  The mileage on the fire truck has attracted an investigation by the Department of Motor Vehicles. According to an April 2008 report provided to the Watsonville City Council, the KME fire truck had 43,527miles which are the exact amount of miles reported by the previous owner, the city of Pasadena, on December 16, 2010 when they traded in the truck. It could be possible that the truck did not move more than a quarter mile for two years and eight months, but on October 29, 2010 a company that serviced the KME fire truck listed the mileage as 46,725. But, DMV documents the City of Watsonville produced indicate that the truck had 45,937 miles when it obtained the title of ownership on December 8, 2010. The DMV may be also looking into other possible impropriates.  

One of those impropriates may include that the dealership may have accepted the city’s check for $225,000 back in April 20, 2008 for the intent and purpose of selling a fire truck that it did not own or have possession of. According to DMV records, the City of Pasadena did not trade in the truck to the dealership until December 16, 2010. Yet, DMV records produced by the City of Watsonville state that we (the city) purchased the truck on December 8, 2010.  You may be confused, as I was, and that may be the possible reason the DMV is conducting an investigation.   


One of my favorite sayings is “if I could read your mind, I would be in the circus”. Well, I can read the minds of some of our city council members and in the circus/city council meeting tonight I predict that I will get censored and even more people coming forward with more allegations. I am not up for a circus tonight. If I was City Manager Carlos Palacios I would want me off the city council too, especially if more information on the fire truck is revealed along with how our Redevelopment Agency money is being spent. City Manager Palacios’ possible agenda is coming to focus and that is that his performance and conduct is not to be questioned or publicized in the “newspapers”.

Here I thought that the tax payers are everybody’s boss, that elected officials answer to the tax payers, and Palacios answers to the city council. At least that is what the City Charter states. But, what do I know, I’m in a circus.

Maybe you want to email City Manager Palacios or call him and voice your concerns. Google “City of Watsonville” and you will find that his email address is: and his phone number is 768-3010.

Anyway, I hope that soon we can get back to work and balance the city budget.

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